A classic, massive, reliable, and with a large displacement engine is the main reason our client chose the Yamaha XS 1100 motorcycle as a base for a Cafe Racer-style modification.

The specimen arrived to us with a black-painted engine and exhaust system. However, it has been unused for a long time, so it was necessary to refresh these elements, and we wrapped the exhaust headers with thermal tape for visual effect.

The front fender has been shortened. We closed the slimmed-down rear frame with a classic “U” shape and then made a seat connected to the rear end, which, along with the original tank, gave it a brilliant “line” and character in its simplicity. All body parts were painted in a pearly white color. The fuel tank also received a black stripe running through the middle, just like the seat’s stitching.

We made a sheet metal on the right side and a leather pouch on the other to cover the space under the seat, which was used to mount the battery and other electrical components.

We achieved better engine efficiency by installing CVK carburetors and cone filters. The original handlebar was replaced with a sporty Clip-on style, along with new accessories such as switches, levers, and grips. Right next to it, a liquid crystal speedometer informs about all motorcycle parameters. The front lens headlight emphasizes the character of the motorcycle, which is both classic and modern with a touch of contemporary technical and visual solutions.